Posted by: TheAuthor | 12/02/2012

A Comparison

Yes I know, whilst I was away in Canada I did indeed complain an awful lot about Canada and how much better things are back here in the UK.

Well, it is safe to say that I am complaining just as much back in the UK as I ever did in Canada. Moral of the story, just be happy where you are because there is always something in life to complain about!

I mean, for example we had a tiny bit of snow and I guarantee people here tended to not wear the right clothes to keep them warm, nor suitable shoes to prevent them from slipping. I smell a few extra compensation claims being submitted, why just don’t people buy something to prevent all this discomfort and liability claims. Absurd if you ask me, I think it’s quite fun to wrap up warm and go play in the snow.

Getting back into the swing of things back in East Anglia has been tediously slow, due to the economic crisis and executives collecting all the money for themselves (personal opinion and not the thoughts of those involved) meaning getting a foot-hold on anything is difficult. Still, positively I have been to watch a game of football and walked around a Raptor sanctuary (where I now volunteer) and that’s not including trips to London or the North-East!

As long as you spend wisely and make use of the time you have, why complain? That’s my new years resolution.


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