Posted by: TheAuthor | 14/12/2011

A New Beginning

Here we are, all sat at home. Including me now, after little over a year travelling around the USA and predominantly living in Canada both my girlfriend and I are home once more.

As with any travelling escapades, the return home is frequently a tough time. Getting back into the routine of the way things are in your home town are difficult, simply down to the fact that it is as if time has stood still in the duration of your adventures – at least in all of my experiences this has been the case. Coming home and returning to the same bars with old (but some very welcome) faces with the same down beat atmosphere, is far away from the high life of exciting, new people and drinking establishments.

For me, the UK has taken a huge down turn in the 14 months since my initial departure. Unemployment, fuel prices and a large amount of people being publicised for scamming the backwards and inept benefit system imposed by the Government. It seems this once world-renowned country has slipped well and truly into recession and is tearing apart at the seams out of sight from those who can (if the wish) to do something about it.

I digress, now that I am back in the seat able to write my articles again I aim to do just that. I hope I continue to retain people’s interests as I delve into various tales and thoughts through the coming months.


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