Posted by: TheAuthor | 13/11/2011

Day 52 – Final Days of Road-Tripping

Waking early Shell and myself set off straight into the city to explore, making the most of our penultimate day in San Francisco despite feeling a little worse for wear from the previous night. We set off for Chinatown first, aiming to find ourselves another good dim sum experience.

Walking around for a half hour we took in the sights of Chinatown and browsed around the shops as we went, all the while hunting for a decent restaurant. Eventually our hunger got the better of us and we ducked into a nearby place that looked quite nice, with a small balcony overlooking a typical Chinatown scene. Sitting down we ordered drinks and began perusing the menu whilst nursing our heads that was, until, we discovered an individual item cost a minimum of $5.50 which, compared to what we thought was fair, was $3 too expensive. Before the waiter came back or anyone noticed we collected our belongings and ran out of the building, turning onto a nearby street.


Shortly after we spied a cafe offering dim sum, however it did not offer a favourite of Shells (Turnip cake) and so we left during the ordering process with the waiter. Dim sum was not being successful today and we were growing hungrier with every passing minute.

We walked the streets until we were offered a flier for a restaurant off of the beaten track and away from tourists. Desperation set in and we went for it, even though we were once again the only patrons within. Ordering the food was easy because a waiter came straight over with prepared food on a tray, ready for us to take and devour. As we tucked in we began to feel more at ease and enjoyed relaxing, especially as more people arrived to join us in the restaurant.


We headed for the wharf and began walking along it, scouting for the boarding docks for Alcatraz the next morning and getting some sight-seeing done in the process. The weather was glorious, far better than we had experienced for a large proportion of the entire road trip previously. As we walked along the wharf we were surprised to see an extremely nonchalant middle-aged nude man walking down the street, wanting an all over tan I suppose.


We soon came across Pier 39, a bustling area filled with shops of all varieties and teeming with people. A great area to peruse at your leisure, visiting the unique shops like lefty’s left hand store and create your own bath salts.


Just on the other side of the pier we discovered, along with scores of other people who visit everyday, a mass of seals sunning themselves in the harbour. Barking loudly and swimming around while playing they are a big attraction to tourists who are looking for something unique to a city.


Moving on we continued along the wharf until we took a diversion deeper into the city to find Lombard streets ‘Worlds Crookedest Street’. Quite unique again, this street bends and curves sharply within around about 100 metres.


By now we had walked a fairly long way and we still had a long way to go, we were walking another 5 miles to the Golden Gate Bridge. As the sunset drew closer and shadows lengthened their reach, the chill of the night closed in. Keeping in the light as much as possible we continued until, tired and weary, we reached the bridge itself and began to cross. By half way the sun was setting over sea, slightly out of eye shot from the other side of the bridge much to our disappointment. It did not matter in the event because we enjoyed a beautiful view of San Francisco on our side of the bridge.




By now the sun had well and truly set leaving us behind with nothing but a chill in the air. With 7 or so miles to walk back to the hostel we both decided to walk towards the nearest bus stop and, after a hot chocolate, catch a ride back home for the night.


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