Posted by: TheAuthor | 21/10/2011

Day 35 – It Rains In Maine

It poured it down over night; fortunately our tent was sheltered, in part, by a high canopy over head. The rains continued throughout the morning (and even until the night) making things far more miserable. Being now adept to the rain we all donned our rain coats and headed out back into the streets of Bar Harbour to walk around the town. A nice quiet little place in winter but heaving in the summer, very much like Banff. Blueberry variants of coffee, jams, lager, wines and teas were everywhere – they really must have an excess of them!

We set off for Portland (Maine not Oregon like our GPS wants to take us) a few hours south, in the everlasting rain.

Making a detour to Bangor, we went hunting for Stephen Kings house. In the event, because of Shell’s continuing superb research, it was breathtakingly easy. He has a very nice home amongst others of equal size, but none had the quality of fence he does. Black with gothic bats guarding the gates and a gold emblazoned ‘K’.

The day was slipping away, can’t wait for the clocks to change, so the light was fading as we came into Portland. As the rain was still soaking the car we opted to stay in yet another hotel rather than camp. After a miraculous stop at a Tim Horton’s (Shell was happy indeed) I looked up where to find a ‘Roomsaver’ coupon booklet in order to get discounted rates at a hotel near Portland. I was still stunned to see a Tim Horton’s in the USA, not that I was looking on my last visit to the US but I didn’t think many where this side of the border!

Checking into the hotel was simple with the coupon and, after hanging out the tents to dry, Falk and myself left the girls to their complimentary glass of wine while we drove into downtown Portland, girls opting to miss out. The darkness and drizzle made the views rather less attractive, even still we went for a walk around the old port and even found a piece of the Berlin wall much to our surprise. Considering Falk is from Ost Deutschland he was flabbergasted to see a piece of it. Although, he reliably informs me, he has seen far more bits of the wall in the North American continent than back home in Europe.

Trip Statistics:

Tim Horton’s Stops – 16

Alternate Coffee Stops – 3

States Driven through – Maine

Kilometres driven – 333km

Total Canadian Kilometres driven – 11,499km

Total distance driven – 12,000km

Car faults – Found out Speedometer is inaccurate by 10kph

– Speakers starting to refuse to operate

– Tail Light Casing Broken

– Console Handbrake light always ‘on’


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