Posted by: TheAuthor | 03/10/2011

Days 20 and 21 – New Brunswick

Day 20: Straight back into road trip mode we set off at the brisk hour of 6 A.M. and sped off towards the new province of New Brunswick.

Immediately the trees closed in on all sides and the rolling valleys drew closer. Small marshes, ponds and lakes were scattered everywhere increasing the opportunity to spot a real live Moose! A much-anticipated animal, fingers crossed.

It was a driving day today, making a stop in Fredericton to meet up with old faces from our stint back in Banff. It was a welcome break from the mornings drive, clearing 300km before 9:30 A.M. Parking ourselves comfortably into Tom and Shaun’s cosy apartment we were presented cake, baked by a friend, for Tom’s birthday – which just happened to be today.

After resting ourselves we continued on our venture to the Fundy Bay National Park, following on behind Team Roxanne who had continued ahead of us. We found the campsite easily, ahead of the 7:06 P.M. curfew for sunset, even with the change of time zones so that we lost an hour. A beautiful location for the campsite, a stones throw from Fundy Bay. As we unpacked we, unfortunately, discovered that our sleeping bags had become damp for a few days and Shell’s had even grown a bit of mould. While I pitched the tent Shell visited the well-placed laundry facilities on our campsite to make it safely clean and dry again.

The four of us guys built a happy sack volleyball court and played while we waited for the girls to return with drinks. Dave and myself fought valiantly against the team opposing us, Falk and Dan. After a long pitches and difficult ralleys we found ourselves ahead 17-15 in a race to 21. The lead did not last long as we were pipped to the post after a series of over hit returns. Such a shame but short-lived because the girls were returning to cook homemade burgers on an open fire.

The evening faded away with good food and copious photographs of us drawing shapes with our torches. Great evening fun accompanied with some great tasting alcohol.

Day 21: We all felt pretty groggy in the morning so we set off for the small village of Alma, right on the coast of the bay of Fundy, to walk around and to have a cooked breakfast. It was a great decision, freshly cooked and healthy portions followed by a very reasonable bill to settle.

Following the satisfying breakfast we visited the Hopewell rocks, further along the coast. Annoyingly we had to pay $9 each to enter the beach perimeter just to see this rocks, to which it was pointed out to me that the Marsden grotto (back in the north-east of England) is exactly the same and free. Regardless, we paid and went for a nice walk around the beach and saw these wonders of the natural world.

We continued our drive to the island province of Prince Edward Island (PEI). Everywhere was supremely beautiful to drive through, the island in particular was amazing. Houses spread far apart, all seemingly occupying ocean view lots. I could very easily live there, if I could find a job to support the lifestyle! The thing that struck me the most was that the smell of the ocean filled your lungs with every breath, for the day I savoured every inhalation.

We arrived at the campsite, chose an ocean view pitch and set up camp. Everything was incredible to look at and take in. After playing a game of football we took a long walk along the beach. The sandy beach was scattered with flat, light stones that were very easy to skim across the surface of the water.

The night was pretty miserable, heavy rain and high winds, at least we were warm and cosy inside the tent!

Trip Statistics:

Tim Horton’s stops – 8

Kilometres driven – 836km first day 279km second day

Total distance driven – 6876km

Car faults – Found out Speedometer is inaccurate by 10kph

– Speakers starting to refuse to operate



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