Posted by: TheAuthor | 29/09/2011

Day 12 – Finishing Toronto

The night spent in the HI Hostel was miserable, hot and noisy doesn’t do the experience justice. We scraped ourselves from the sheets and washed up before hitting the town early. Myself and Shell had a fair bit we wanted to achieve before we left for Ottawa so we left by ourselves by 0830hrs.

First up was a visit to the Kensington markets, an area with quirky and quaint little shops very reminiscent of home. We enjoyed watching the shops open as we strolled through, basking in the early morning sun.

From there we continued to our ultimate objective, the Casa Loma. This is called a castle locally, but anyone from the UK will understand it best as a stately home. A rather nice home to walk around that is frequently used as a set on films, including X-men for one. I have to be honest though, we were not hugely impressed because there was a lot of construction work; ladders; rubbish; and closed rooms that ruined the magnificence of the property. Still, nice to potter around looking at the ways we used to live.

We now headed over to the Distillery district, not before stopping at the St Lawrence market first to buy some olives and try samples of wine, where we saw a scene from ‘Transporter’ the TV series being filmed. This district is beautiful, cobbled streets and plenty of old buildings to keep you captivated as you stroll around – very much like areas from the same period at home. Spotting that time was getting on and we needed to be at the hostel for 3pm, we started to walk back via the water front. A couple of nice beaches and a lot of buildings line the way back into town through it.

Meeting up with the group went without a hitch as we all caught up about the day and re-packed our two cars. We now headed on our drive to Ottawa, close to the provincial border with Quebec. As the light faded outside, as we closed in on the city, the torch illuminating our dashboard started to fade also, requiring some careful repositioning of the torch itself to make maximum use of it.

We found the hostel without a problem, a HI again right in the centre of the city. This one, however, was a converted prison where you slept in cells. Rather interesting and quite unique I am sure. As we racked up for the evening, the eight of us enjoyed a look around this quite bizarre hostel.

Trip Statistics:

Tim Horton’s stops – 7

Kilometres driven – 460.9km

Total distance driven – 4752km

Car faults – Found out Speedometer is inaccurate by 10kph

– Speakers starting to refuse to operate


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