Posted by: TheAuthor | 28/09/2011

Day 11 – Niagara’s Fury

An exciting day for us all today, personally I had been looking forward to visiting Niagara Falls since before I arrived in Canada and now I am off to see it.

From Toronto, Niagara is roughly an hour and a half drive away so we set off with the intention to arrive around 10am. However, with Toronto’s extremely bustling motorways (freeway) and the time of day is was we had a slight delay. Kevin had car two, aka Roxanne, in hot pursuit as usual. Weather wise, we did not have a spectacular morning but there was nothing we could do. The zoo yesterday was blue skies and warm, today was dull and overcast.

Once arriving and had found parking at the Skylon tower, for $7 all day, we left to obtain our pre-booked ‘Adventure Pass’ that would enable us to visit all the attractions we had read about. Unfortunately, we wandered around the car park searching for the exit for a good 10 minutes before actually leaving. Fear not however, we did eventually escape and even found the building we needed to collect the tickets – but not before viewing the spectacular falls from above. Incredibly loud volume of water passing over the falls, a wonder of nature but, I feel, sadly spoilt by over building and tackiness of further attractions.

Our first visit of the day, was for ‘Niagara’s Fury’ a 4D movie. As we entered, wearing our rain jackets, we were provided with large blue plastic poncho’s to keep us dry. We saw a short film covering the creation of the falls, narrated by a squirrel type creature, that was aimed for the younger generation I feel. After, we progressed to a room with a viewing area soaked with water and a television screen surrounding the room. From here we were rained on, snowed on and blasted with wind as we saw Niagara Falls develop into what we see today. I probably wouldn’t do it again but it was fun to kick the day off with.

We had time to delve into our lunches before visiting ‘Behind the Falls’. Finding a nice picnic spot we sat and relaxed, all enjoying not driving as far for as long. We chatted for so long that we forgot the time and realised that our allocated time (allocated because you access the area by elevator) was almost upon us. So we frantically packed our bags and headed for the attraction. On the ride up, we were fortunate enough to have a guide so bored of her job she mumbled her rehearsed speech and faced away from us. Wonderful.

We explored the tunnels, built into the rock behind the Horseshoe falls – on the Canadian side of Niagara Falls. The falls are made up of two actual points where the water spills over the cliff side. At two points you can see the torrent of water pour in front of your eyes with an incredible noise. However, most impressive was a view-point allowing you to observe the falls as a whole. Here you really need your blue poncho as the spray of water is incredible and literally covers everything, including you.

We now made a dash to board the ‘Maid of the Mist’. This was incredible as it took you right up to the edge of the falls, completely soaking you and blasting you with wind and spray kicked up by the impact of water on water.

Our last excursion was the ‘White Water Walk’. This was accessible on the bus but, coming from the Rocky Mountains, was not worth it. We saw a raging river, class 6 rapids apparently, but other than that nothing much. At least we had seen the water falls as best we could.

We retired to Hard rock cafe and had a beer, with terrible service provided. A number of us decided that we wanted to return back to Toronto earlier than later, so we could eat at a sociable hour so we left the restaurant on the agreement to go back – everyone was hungry and getting grouchy. To cut a long story short, some misunderstandings ensued as well as deciding to walk up a very tacky ‘Americanised’ street full of glow in the dark mini golf and haunted houses.

We drove back into Toronto with the light well set by now. After working out an arrangement for getting Falk and Claire to stay at their ‘couch surfing’ location and us to our hostel, we walked to down and found an amazing Chinese restaurant where we spent a little bit more money than intended yet enjoyed the experience.

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