Posted by: TheAuthor | 27/09/2011

Days 8, 9 and 10 – Toronto Madness

Day 8: This night was not as warm as before, everyone froze and shivered in their sleeping bags from 5am until the wake up at 0600hrs for our 9 hour drive the rest of the way to Toronto and our five-day rest bite from driving. Packing the car was quicker than ever and it didn’t take long before we were ready to go nestled in our respective cars.

We all agreed, Ontario was a beautiful drive compared to the previous provinces with vast quantities of trees; lakes; and rivers to keep your mind occupied. The roads were much busier, bustling with traffic and far more police cars on the roads – I guess we were closer to civilisation!

Today’s weather was much warmer, the sun was in our favour and spirits were remarkably high considering the misery of the night. With an uneventful drive we approached Toronto and the torrent of traffic and stop starting of any major city. Wonderful. With a minor slip up, losing car two, we found our destination (a friend’s house) to crash for the weekend fairly easily. From there we headed to town and enjoyed a bar/restaurant meal and a rather flat pint of Stella, food good but drink was poor.

Day 9: Today began with a slower start, as eight of us had piled into a small sub-urban home with the greatest of care. After departing only a few minutes late, an improvement on recent EDT’s, we were taken to visit the Science centre, I felt like a child again. Shell and myself walked around captivated by the various exhibits, Space and the Universe was personally my favourite. If you visit Toronto and want to see as much as humanly possible then purchase the CityPass because it will save you a lot of money – we saved $120 each!

After a few hours around the Science centre we headed to the Royal Ontario Museum. A huge expanse of collections of artwork and skeletons from animals and dinosaurs alike that was very enjoyable to explore. However, Shell was being pestered left right and centre by various people wanting directions; advice; timings; and restaurant details, so was not enjoying her afternoon as she should have been. Deciding to take action, I confiscated her phone and left everyone unable to think for themselves in the dark for a couple of hours. From there we thoroughly enjoyed our tour. Well worth seeing the cow sized turtle skeleton indeed.

Our evening was round off by touring the CN tower, we timed the day well because as we rose the elevator the sun could be seen about to set over the city. Perfect opportunity for pictures.

After viewing the scenery from the top we began the decent and headed for our pre-paid motion adventure ride. A bizarre fictional story relating a tale from ‘Himalazon’ where trees had been engineered to grow faster. Then a rollercoaster ride in a simulator, glad it was free is all I can say!

We ended the day by having a Greek meal out in town and enjoyed a great feast after eating poorly the past few days camping. Toronto was beginning to become very expensive!

Day 10: Today had been allocated for Toronto Zoo, so off we sped to gain entry. Not a passion of mine admittedly, but fun none the less. We ventured around the huge expanse that was the zoo, gawking at the animals as they lay in the sunshine and warmth gained from it. From Antelope’s to Zebra they were all there, even a few Bison thrown in for satisfaction.

As the day drew to a close we hunted for a gift for our host, whom we had known from working in Banff, and found a marvellous stuffed Polar Bear. We also acquired a new companion for our car, to accompany our existing mascot ‘Toby’. It is a wonderful, albeit bizarre looking, Koala that makes a strange growling noise, welcome to the road trip ‘Dennis’!

As we finished the day we decided to have a lazy evening and bought food and beer for a BBQ cooked at our hosts home. Before the light faded, Bryan (our host), myself and Falk headed out for a spot of Baseball, which Falk had never tried before. We worked up an appetite hitting and chasing the baseballs, before the setting sun drew us back home and to cook the BBQ and drink beer. Great social evening for us all.

Trip Statistics:

Tim Horton’s stops – 7

Kilometres driven – 851km plus 372km around the city.

Total distance driven – 4291.1km

Car faults – Found out Speedometer is inaccurate by 10kph

– Speakers starting to refuse to operate


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