Posted by: TheAuthor | 26/09/2011

Day 7 – Lake Superior

It was one of those, I can’t be bothered to get up to go to the toilet it is so cold, nights, even though I was nice and toasty in my newly acquired sleeping bag. Climbing out from the tent was a surprise however, to find the entire area frosted over – I even had to scrape the ice from Kevin’s windows! It was a very icy cold morning, so, whilst shivering, we dismantled the camp and headed out towards Tim Horton’s for breakfast and then the open road.

Today’s drive was intended to make good distance, to close the gap on the infamous Toronto a meer 1300km away. Things were going very well, a number of hours in and we needed to make a quick driver swap. So we pulled over in a small town, outside a petrol station for the exchange of seats. The number of the pack decided, individually, to spend a penny next to a tree around the side of the building – which the owner spotted. He promptly, with the final visit ending, waltzed out and muttered something under his breath to us while inspecting the area. He retreated to his shop area and observed us from the doorway, noting our information and finally, as we drove away, our licence plates.

Undeterred we continued our trip east and came across the Aguasabon Falls, so a stop was made to observe the wonders of the view….. if we are all honest we had seen better. What made the whole break better was a friendly dog came by, craving attention from us all.

We continued our epic journey and soon needed fuel, so we halted in the town of Wawa. An interesting place that held a rather curious shop hosting bric-a-brac and tacky souvenirs as well as a Goose that has been watching passers-by since the 60’s.

Moving on from this quaint place we drew closer to the shores of the largest fresh water lake in the world. We took breaks at both Katherine’s cove and Old Lady Bay. Beautiful sandy beaches and picturesque scenery, wonderful to explore and awesome to get a 2-a-side football (soccer) game flowing. Everyone enjoyed the break from slogging out driving for hour after hour, even though the views had become dramatically better since leaving Manitoba.

As the sun was about to set we came across Agawa Bay and it’s camp site, on the shores of Lake Superior. Quite rightly, we pulled in and dashed out of our cars to watch the sunset across the calm waters of the lake. It was absolutely tranquility at its best.

As the sun left for another day, the heavens opened for the second night in a row. So, like a well oiled machine, we set up camp in record time just at the moment the rains ceased. Sod’s law I suppose. Never mind we thought, as we began to cook our veritable feast of noodles and tinned vegetables.

Remembering how cold the previous night was, we built a fire again. Which called for Operation Cobra (see previous day for reference) once again. This time we easily found piles of wood, the drama came once we tried to light it and discovered it had not been sheltered well from the rain. Utilising a torrent of lighter fluid we had it going sure enough, keeping the girls warm for another night.

Trip Statistics:

Tim Horton’s stops – 4

Kilometres driven – 622.9km

Total distance driven – 3068.1km

Car faults – Found out Speedometer is inaccurate by 10kph

– Speakers starting to refuse to operate


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