Posted by: TheAuthor | 24/09/2011

Day 6 – Thunder Bay

We rose early, picking up our estranged car mates and headed for the border with Ontario and car two. After catching up and the obligatory provincial sign photograph, we set sail for Thunder Bay and what has been billed, once left that town, as a beautiful drive along the Lake Superior shoreline.

The first things we noted about Ontario is that the surrounding scenery had become rolling countryside lots of trees and winding roads. Not straight as before in the previous two provinces. However the reminiscence of Europe and home was further enforced a little later on in the drive when rain settled in. Perfect, dreary weather and rolling country hills.

We knew the stop at Thunder Bay would be fleeting, so after a quick stop in the town to grab some supplies we headed for our destination campground of ‘Happy Land’. That was, once the GPS system (Sat Nav for British readers) used in Kevin was ignored and we went by the older methods of navigation. When using the GPS in the car, it has a tendency to lead you in circles or dead ends – which was the case in finding Happy Land. As we saw the light fading, after an entire days worth of driving, and the clouds ominously closing in with rain, we drove rapidly to be able to erect our tents effectively.

It was fortunate we did, just as we were putting together our camp the rain closed in and lightly splattered around enough to ensure the mood was lower than usual in camp. Once the shelters had been built, the evening meal was beautifully crafted and offered alongside copious amounts of rum, vodka and tequila with a variety of mixers to go with it.

To ensure continued warmth, Dave (from car 2) and myself headed off for ‘Operation Cobra’. This was a task to forage for dead, burnable wood, amidst the tree line once the wood we had paid for had burnt down. Initially I had driven to the front gate with Lucy (from car 2 again) to purchase some firewood for $6 and crammed her in the front seat with it on her lap. That had long since burned away, so after finding a dead tree we acquired a branch and brought it back to camp to help keep everyone warm with a roaring fire.

As we had a long way to go before Toronto before day 8, we didn’t stay up too late and planned to wake up early to leave around 0800 hrs. As the heat faded from the fire and the air, I was glad to be climbing into the sleeping bag (offered to me by Shell’s aunt) for warmth for the night.

Trip Statistics:

Tim Horton’s stops – 3

Kilometres driven – 758km

Total distance driven – 2445.2km

Car faults – Found out Speedometer is inaccurate by 10kph

                 – Speakers starting to refuse to operate


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