Posted by: TheAuthor | 20/09/2011

Day 2 – The Saskatoon Experience

Car two left early, in order to go on their detour, as we were heading directly for Winnipeg. After the short 2-hour drive across stunning rolling fields lit with a beautiful sunrise, we reached Saskatoon in the province of Saskatchewan. A hot bed of activity and teaming with life, or perhaps not as we found out.

Following a short walk, and drive, around the downtown area we quickly decided that we had to find something else to keep our few hours in Saskatoon fun-filled.

We decided to visit a couple of markets on that day, one a farmers market and the other a special event held only on this day with stalls, music and various activities to keep you entertained. The former was a typical market, selling varieties of fruit (as well as offering free samples!) and other confectionary. The five explorers of car one helped themselves to the fruit, bought none and then came across a middle-aged man dressed as a rather creepy clown playing strange music, from there they went into the indoor selling space to buy some fruit tarts for lunch.

Progressing down the river, ultimately heading for the second market on Broadway Street, we decided that Saskatoon was a disappointing city that offered little. However the market was a great deal of fun. Making our way down the street we enjoyed browsing the stalls and listening to the music being played by a local band, before my girlfriend and me broke into dance as we moved down the street. Whilst I was hunting for a pin, to make an addition to my travelling hat, I lost sight of the remainder of the group. In the period I was away, Falk and Shell had a fencing lesson in the street and were enjoying sparing with one another.

This was, unfortunately the final act within Saskatoon, as we had to leave so that we could find a camping site nearer to Winnipeg. But not before we had journeyed to a local fruit farm, where we picked fresh Strawberries and felt watched by the local madwoman – or farm hand, as she was probably more likely to have been known as. So our few hours in Saskatoon had broken up our days worth of driving wonderfully, however the light was failing us and we needed to pitch camp sooner rather than later. Yorkton, our intended destination, was still a few hundred kilometres away. As we closed in, half an hour before sunset, we approached the township of Wynyard, Saskatchewan and spotted an RV park at the side of the road. Sensing an opportunity to camp, we pulled in and spoke to the owner. After pondering the idea for a second or two, he motioned “$15” to which I was curious, as the previous night was $40, so did he mean $15 each? “Is that per person, or for the tent?” I queried, “For the tent” he replied. Wonderful, five of us to split a $15 site! Complete with picnic table, soft grass and on-suite washing facilities. We were still 6 hours from Winnipeg, which would wait for day 3, but for now it would be peace and quiet under the stars and the heat of the sun ceased for the day.

Trip Statistics:

Tim Horton’s stops – 2

Kilometres driven – 440km

Total distance driven – 1060.8km

Car faults – none


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