Posted by: TheAuthor | 18/09/2011

Day 1 – Enter the Road Tripping Car

The following series of articles are a change to my previous ones. This is only because I am currently in the midst of a road trip across North America and wish to write about my experiences. Rest assured, after the road trip, I will be returning to normal service.


The morning began at 0600 hrs; final preparations were carried out; bags re-packed; and the apartments handed back over to the landlady. As all the possessions were set out for the intrepid five members of car one, it was noted that we had too much to fit. So, in short, anything that could be ditched, was. After literally cramming into the car (who will be referred to as Kevin) we all set off on our drive across Canada at 0800 hrs.

At 0820 hrs, 22km in, we stopped for Tim Horton’s coffee at fuel. An epic drive. After that we required a stop in Calgary to pick up the remaining items on people’s shopping lists before continuing the drive in earnest. Unfortunately, one member of the crew, Falk, had a washing powder explosion inside his day sack resulting in powdered books – even if they did smell nice. Kevin currently sounds in good health, for a 16-year-old Ford Escort LX, even if he is overloaded with possessions from five people inside AND outside on the roof!

As the two cars, carrying 8 people, laboured out of the Rocky Mountains the terrain flattened out and became very sporadically populated. Few townships were passed before we arrived at the Dinosaur capital of the world, Drumheller. This town is remarkable; it relies on tourists spending their money on climbing a $1m costing tallest (fake) dinosaur in the world, as well as various other attractions. Carbon fibre dinosaurs litter the town as though it was normal, adding to the feel I suppose. The area surrounding the town was arid, hot and unique – especially come from mountains. After visiting the miniature Hoo Doos and the suspension bridge we decided to take a trip down a world record-breaking road, the record being the most number of bridges in the shortest distance – 11. Down at bridge number 9 sat the ‘Last Saloon’. A bar in a town of 27 people from bygone days, built-in 1913. Before our lunch arrived, of average pub food but well priced, we had a game of horseshoes (throwing a horseshoes towards a stake in the ground as a target) to work up an appetite in the 87-degree heat.

From here we headed into Saskatchewan, had the obligatory provincial sign photograph, and aimed for Kindersley for a night’s camping. After entering the new province of Saskatchewan we all noted that the landscape had almost instantly changed to that of a flat field ridden empty space. Although the setting sun behind us was an incredible shade of deep orange, insanely beautiful.

At 1945 hrs we arrived at our allotted campsite at Kindersley, for the evening. Setting up our tents on the gravel we marvelled at our first day and admired the setting sun. As the eight of us gathered around eating our veritable feast (helping eliminate items from the loaded cars) in the darkness we enjoyed each other’s company and a few drinks from Captain Morgan himself. Falk and his girlfriend, Claire, went to bed after a discussion over whether or not we could see the northern lights and the consensus determininga ‘nein’. However, lo and behold, the northern lights appeared in the sky to give us an incredible display of natural beauty in the sky. After a good 20 minutes of entertainment, the colours waned and we went to bed content with the day.

Trip Statistics:

Tim Horton’s stops – 1

Kilometres driven – 620.8

Total distance driven – 620.8

Car faults – none



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