Posted by: TheAuthor | 11/08/2011

Fox Vs. Cougar

I learned something new the other day, something which reminded me of fox-hunting back in England. Fox hunting, in its format we know of today, gained popularity in the 1500’s. With its tracking of a fox with foxhounds and a hunt mounted on horses chasing the red fox until cornering it where the hunt inevitably comes to its fatal conclusion. It is seen by many as a sport and/or pest control throughout the United Kingdom, however just as many see the same activity as cruelty to animals and torturous for the fox. In 2004 the act of fox-hunting was banned in England and Wales following a ban in Scotland two years previous.

What reminded me of a fox hunt you might ask. Well, simply, cougar hunting here in Canada. Alberta plays host to the largest animals from the species, living in the most accessible areas for hunters to breach in the world. Instead of riding around on horse back, methods are much more deliberate and remind you of hunting generations ago. You have to pay for a guide, included is the permit to shoot the cougar, and then you trek out into the back country and camp whilst hunting the animal. Dogs are still used (I mean what better animal to use to use its scent to track something) to find and corner the cougar, by which time the following hunters can opt to either kill or release the largest member of the cat family.

It struck me that the hunting that goes on here in Canada, is far more dangerous and focuses on larger prey that can, and will, fight back with lethal consequences for either side of the hunt. Compared to the fox hunt where the animal won’t fight back, as it races across the country side running for its life.

Just something else, that is bigger and badder over here in North America.



  1. states and Canadian provinces populations are considered sustainable enough to allow managed sport hunting.Mountain lions require a lot of room only a few cats can survive in a 30-square-mile 78-square-kilometer range.

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