Posted by: TheAuthor | 28/07/2011

Game Four

With Boston Pizza needing a win against fellow top of the table contenders Fairmont Springs, the stage was set for a big game early on in the season.

The game kicked off with a fast tempo, Fairmont putting on early pressure. Using the wind, they kept playing the ball over the top of the Boston defence – relying on the extremely fast pace of their forward players.  Eventually the play worked, in on the keeper the forward played the ball around him during a challenge for the ball. Breaking the dead lock in favour of Fairmont. Regrettably during the challenge both forward and keeper collided, injuringboth players – Boston played in their second choice goalkeeper.

With a dubious penalty decision Boston Pizza drew level shortly after…Shortly afterwards Boston Pizza took the lead with a superb goal. Half time was drawing in with Boston Pizza holding the lead against increased pressure from Fairmont Springs. Pressing the Boston defence and stretching them apart. Te ir efforts paid off, a corner converted by a solid header from the six yard box.

The second half began with Fairmont pressing again, Boston Pizza looked disjointed at times and didn’t play as well as they all knew they could (much like England!) Bad defending lead to Fairmont Springs taking the lead again, bringing the goal tally to 3-2 with plenty of time left on the clock.

Fairmont broke down Boston’s wing and, with the ball over the byline, crossed into the box where both Boston keeper and a Fairmont player went for the ball, nothing seemed out of the ordinary or overly aggressive. Even still, the Boston Pizza second choice goalkeeper started swinging for the midfielder. With a fight breaking out, the referee had no alternative but to send both players off. Up steps Boston Pizza’s third choice goalkeeper.

Boston rallied themselves and created a couple of opportunities. Before equalising the game at 3-3. The game was in pandemonium, goals all over the place and opportunities being created with both teams on 10 men and wanting a win.

With 20 minutes lefton the clock the game was abandoned, the sprinkler system turned on and flooded the pitch and creating hazardous conditions.  20 minutes of play to follow, towards the end of the season!



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