Posted by: TheAuthor | 22/06/2011

Game One

Boston Pizza Vs. Pika Village

In a game set to be tough and hard-fought, Boston Pizza was prepared to put in a good show and earn 3 points in the first game of the season for the Banff area.

Within minutes of the start, Pika tore forward and earned a penalty with an unlucky hand ball in the area by a defending midfielder from Boston. After the conversion of the kick, starting the scoring off at 1-0 Pika, Boston pizza was fired up to get back into the game and not let things slip out of their reach. The game became a dominance for Boston Pizza, entrapping Pika into their own half and not allowing them room to play. Matters became extremely one-sided, with an inevitable goal edging ever closer to realisation.

Within quick succession Duncan hammered home two sublime goals putting Boston pizza 2-1 up and still taking the upper hand. Pika Village, didn’t look like the dominant force they had been billed to be. The game was there to be won, or lost, depending on how solid Boston pizza performed now that they held the lead and were firmly in control. As half time neared, Marty struck a forceful effort from the edge of the area for Boston Pizza. The ball narrowly dipped under the crossbar and could have striped the netting off of the hooks as well, superb effort to round off the half at 3-1 Boston Pizza.

The Pika Village goal keeper was having a difficult game, making mistakes and being let down by his team mates on occasion. When tackled by Boston, is seemed that the opposition were taking easy falls to earn free kicks which isn’t FIFA Fair Play at all. Fortunately, on all occasions for Boston, the defence held true. The second half was just the same as the first for Boston Pizza, everyone putting in 100% effort and digging in to win the ball when lost. Pika’s momentum seemed to stumble when the players were rotated frequently, seemingly unsettling the team. I started winning the ball in the middle of the field and found space to push forward, which I enjoyed. Playing balls in and around the middle before returning to my central defence role.

Benny got through the defence on one occasion and bore down on goal, hammering the ball directly at the goal keeper, who parried, before the ball was tucked away by (supposedly the oldest player in the league) Miguel making the score 4-1.

Right before the final whistle, I again claimed the ball at halfway and made a forward run. With the ball being played over the corner flag for Marty to run the clock down, I (amongst others) screamed for it to be played into the box – as I hadn’t gone back to my defensive role. The ball came in and after collecting it, turning and miss hitting the shot I jumped for joy as the ball squirmed underneath the goal keeper. I was thrilled at my first goal in competition since I was at least 14!

Boston Pizza 5  Vs.  1 Pika Village



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