Posted by: TheAuthor | 11/04/2011

Smooth Sailing the Caribbean

In late 2010 came an undertaking of great excitement, a road trip the length of Florida before stepping aboard a cruise ship–with my partner. Not being a huge fan of being fixed in location I was initially dubious of the prospect. However, with a cruise holiday you are fully taken care of AND transported to your next port of call. You have room attendants in your room daily ensuring your cabin is clean, waiters roaming the decks to provide you with drinks and crew on hand to entertain you by the pool or in various areas of the ship.

After checking in, and linking my credit card to my room/identification card, we made our way around the ship taking in what was on offer, before we settled into our excellent buffet lunch chased down with a Dakari. The casual drinking followed on for the rest of the trip, bottles of wine for dinner or a Mimosa for breakfast–it all added to the experience. From there we wandered around the liner, deciding what to see and when to see it, almost winning another cruise holiday at bingo and ending up in the salt water pool.

Whatever your desires; shopping; gambling; dancing; swimming; eating it is all available for you to indulge in. A very lazy way of traveling for sure, restricting your movements to the islands you dock at, but there is plenty to keep you occupied. An evening of particular note, after having an amazing dinner in the seated restaurant, was spent in the lounge room where a crewman was playing the piano. Listening to the music was captivating and as we had been to the Salsa class earlier, nothing stopped us from dancing away to the soothing sounds from the piano.

Smooth sailing was not to last, a storm was brewing. At the island of Nassau the weather turned towards the worst. When attempting to disembark the liner, horizontal winds (strong enough to uproot a telephone box) blustered at us and our beleaguered shipmates. Throw in some rain that felt as though someone had launched needles at you and it was a loathsome experience. We turned back at the speed of a thousand gazelles, deciding to wait out the storm. No sooner as we broke out on the top floor of the ship, we noted blue skies and the lack of any wind. Obviously, we turned back and had a great day on the island–slightly marred by being offered ‘Special Bahamian Cannabis’ nearby the McDonald’s restaurant.

If you like being treated like royalty and not worrying about anything apart from breathing, I recommend a cruise. If you like to get out on your feet and see what the world is really like, perhaps it is not for you. Either way, get into the world and see what there is out there!


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