Posted by: TheAuthor | 06/04/2011

Family Dining: Fajita Style

I believe it is important to continue tradition, whatever the reason or however the practice is carried out.

One such tradition I like to uphold is Fajita Friday. A personal undertaking of course, yet one I would like to see spread because it is a fun and sociable meal. Every one enjoys sitting around the dining room table, helping themselves to servings of fresh hot food and holding conversations with each other. This enviable feast can be based around a roast dinner or perhaps something like spaghetti, enjoyed by all because you can mix and match or just have a huge pile.

Whether you eat at home, a family members or at a restaurant the fajita (at least in my experiences) is served as a stand alone–not help yourself from the communal dishes. Leaving options open to design your own fajita makes the experience far more exciting. Whats more, with cooking this up at home you can sit on the porch or your balcony and soak up the evening in the outdoors rather than cooped up in your home – English readers will know of the joy of being able to even get outside in the warm weather!

Should I have chicken, sweetcorn, cheese, guacamole and lettuce? Just Chicken and Salsa? All of the above? Shall I use a hard or soft shell taco? It is all up to you, a huge variety open to you to choose from. Limited by what food you have at home or want to make up.

With providing your own ingredients to the masses you can be as creative as you wish and tantalize your taste buds. If your wondering what to have for dinner this evening, perhaps try out family dining fajita style!


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