Posted by: TheAuthor | 28/03/2011

Music theory

I have always enjoyed listening to music; genres have developed and progressed infinitely since I would listen to the radio as a boy. I have always been fascinated by the way music helps to create memories and remind you of your past. Music can be just as useful a tool for memory, as smell and sight are.

Couples can unite under a particular song, perhaps sung to one another or heard the first time they danced with each other. Forever after, this will be ‘their’ song.

Personally, I know some songs and associate them with a place and time in my past. For example, ‘More than a feeling’ by Boston was a song I played to my bunk when I worked at a summer camp. Yves Larock did a song entitled ‘Rise up’ which was very popular at La Folie Douce during the winter of 2008/2009. Many fond memories flood back after listening to these, as well as other, songs.

Certain songs came remind you of a film or television series, perhaps even the ticking clock sound utilized by the ’24’ series–very iconic now. For instance, the track ‘You’ve Lost That Lovin’ Feeling’ performed by the Righteous Brothers is one of the many symbolic songs associated with ‘Top Gun’

Associated with music, like the ’24’ example above, are sounds. Sounds can be learned and remembered for a number of different reasons. The rasping cutting sound a chainsaw makes; ominous buzzing of a bee; siren from an emergency vehicle; or a screeching of tires locking under an emergency brake can all instill a sense of trepidation or alertness. Alternatively the music played by ice cream vans; sizzling of food cooking; and the school bell ringing at the end of the day can all provide positive emotions.

Music is ever-changing and as people live their lives, traveling to places far and wide memories will continue to be associated with sound–providing many people with recollections of their life.



  1. Nice post, very good info, will sub for RSS.

  2. Such is the feeling of inner refreshment that only a G3 concert can provide where three true guitar maestros come together on stage to create music that nourishes the listeners mind heart and soul.

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