Posted by: TheAuthor | 18/03/2011

Are Ghosts Real?

A topic that has provoked many discussions and controversy is that of whether ghosts or poltergeist, actually exist.

I grew up in a household where objects moved, allegedly un-touched by human hand, to different areas of the house or went missing altogether. As much as I enjoy being a prankster at times, I never moved things around the house to create an inconvenience. For example, one could leave their lighter beside lit candles on the mantle piece. Going back to retrieve it a few hours later, occasionally it would have disappeared without a trace. A baffled search would ensue until giving up on the hunt. A week or so later, you would find your lost item on top of the television, beside the telephone or in another equally obvious location. This happened for many years and it was considered to be friendly.

Aside from personal experiences where I believe that I have seen apparitions, there is no fundamental evidence to suggest that haunting occurs. You can see a medium or find a team of specialists to come visit your haunted location and investigate. What you decide, more often than not, the answers will be scientific and not from beyond the grave.

Considering the circumspect evidence for the truth behind the question, why do some people believe films (such as The Entity, Paranormal Activity, or Poltergeist) are real? Consider this, if the ‘video footage’ was real, wouldn’t organisations or religions like the Church jump on this to confirm the afterlife–or demons and angels. What they are, is good entertainment to scare people and become nervous to go into the basement.

It is a question to which many would like an answer. It would help to ease people with the knowledge that there is an afterlife and there is a ghost haunting your house which can be exorcised. On the flip side, if you knew that once your time on Earth had passed–for me at least. I like the belief that those who have passed away, are now at peace in a world with no pain or suffering.

Pictures, EVP and video evidence are readily available on the internet, as well as a few television programmes (whether scientifically based or not) currently airing. You will be able to make up your own mind based on reality programming, not films.

If it was hard evidence, surely that is one of the worlds greatest unanswered questions answered?



  1. If no one really touched it then it could have been a real ghost………

  2. Wuuuu hoooooo…… Wuuuu Hooooooooo!!!

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