Posted by: TheAuthor | 11/12/2010

Hockety pockety

How about this for a great nostalgia conversation, your favourite films from growing up. Hook; Basil the great mouse detective; The Lion King; Bugsy Malone; Mary Poppins; James’ and the giant peach…..

What about, the Sword in the Stone. One of my favourite’s by a long way and one, that I only recently went back and watched.

Now I thought this film was made in the 80’s, perhaps at a push the 70’s but I wouldn’t have thought so. Why would I enjoy a film a decade older than myself? Show’s what a film buff I am, it was made in 1963. What a great example of Walt Disney film making, something which has been lacking on the whole in recent years – in my opinion. Sure they have had great releases; Monsters Inc; Toy Story trilogy; and of course Pirates of the Caribbean. Those will stand the test of time for sure, but there is a lot of rubbish. Film’s that, realistically aren’t made for me I suppose. Nor you, perhaps. This film, not to be confused with the recent BBC TV series entitled ‘Merlin’ which has many plot holes contained within. For example, a black maid (whom wouldn’t have been in the country at the time) and Merlin acting as Arthur’s servant. Not very traditional I feel, even if it is watchable – even to see Tony Head’s small hand.

No no no, The Sword in the stone; was all about the boy Arthur being taught magic and the world, by the one and only Merlin. It’s a great watch for aspiring magicians….. or warlocks if you spent your days of youth, pulling the legs off of ants. A particular favourite scene of mine, is when the boy Arthur first meets Merlin at his house in the woods. Merlin proceeds to pack up his entire home, with a catchy song typical of the film as a whole.

With this song in your heads, I ask you. What’s your favourite Walt Disney film?


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