Posted by: TheAuthor | 26/11/2010

The alcohol complex

Something I haven’t been able to work out, is why alcohol is drunk is such large quantities. Now, don’t get me wrong I like a drink as much as most people…. perhaps not as much as Paul Gascoigne mind you. What gets me is, why?

When was the last time you sat down with your friends or perhaps by yourself, and thought “I really fancy 8 pints of water, one after the other, with maybe the odd shot of apple juice thrown in”. Could you really drink that much of any other fluid, besides alcohol, so aggressively and so frequently. Why would you is another question, I guess you would be impressively hydrated and healthy. Official guideline would like me to also state, “as part of a balanced diet accompanied with exercise”. It wouldn’t exactly excite you into heading out into town until the early hours, spending £50 or so at various venues and bars.. Thinking, “I can’t wait to head out to the rat n’ parrot and grab ‘a fresh cold pint of orange juice’ rather than grab ‘a fresh cold pint of Carlsberg/Fosters/Kronenbourg/Non-American’ lager!”.

Where has the logic come in to drink a few bottles of wine in an evening? I have sat alone a few evenings and thought, I really fancy a glass of wine. So I poured one. Well, now the bottle is open isn’t it. Its going to go to waste unless its finished, will you fancy another glass tomorrow? Perhaps, but you never know. Better finish the bottle tonight, just incase it wastes – you can always purchase a fresh bottle tomorrow. It seems apparent that the UK has developed a large binge drinking culture, although I would never admit to being a party to it. A source of information that’s relatively interesting (drinking culture link)states;

“The UK has the most developed pub culture of all modern countries. Socializing does not occur in restaurants or at milliard social occasions, as it does now in most developed countries, but in pubs. Pub culture is based around drinking relatively strong beer in a (once) smoky, noisy environment that is devoid of any intelligent conversation”

Long live England. This is fundamentally why American’s don’t get the idea behind a pub, the loud mouthed yobs prefer a less social venue surrounded by 2% ‘lite’ beer, flourescent signs and high chairs.

I have chosen to go out drinking pint after pint of lager, glass after glass or bottle after bottle, for the social factor. I have enjoyed many a night with my mate’s out on the town, who hasn’t. It’s why we go, a bit of dutch courage (a term originated from Dutch gin given to English soldiers in the 17th century) to talk to the girl you have wanted to for a long time, maybe to get on the pole on the dance floor…. again to impress that one lucky lady. Would 8 pints of sprite give you that? Ignore any of your biological imbalances on that one because I can tell you, no. I will continue to do so, many of you will as well. A long days work and you may fancy a drink, a nice pint or glass of wine. A gin and tonic for lunch or a pimms in the summer. Glorious.


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