Posted by: TheAuthor | 22/11/2010

The wonderful snow

What a difference snow can make to the mind. When you trudge around to and from work, the shops or to see one another, the urban world can be an unsightly and dull environment – especially when its overcast and gloomy. I for one always dreaded commuting in the winter at home, as it was always exceedingly dreary.

When you travel to B from A, whether on foot, bus or car in the winter it’s usually dark and cold. This means that you can spend very little time at home in daylight during the week. The outside world becomes a lifeless husk of its former self, little to no leaves on the trees and a cold snap in the air. You move hurriedly to and from B to get back to A, so that you can feel joy again. Day upon day of this can lead to discontent, it’s winter but without purpose….. it’s so lifeless.

One thing can save your mind, one thing to inspire a warmth of the heart and (if your like me) excitement for Christmas. Snow. Pure and simple, snow. Strangely it transforms the grey lifeless world into a white colourful world, be careful of ice mind you! People perk up, smile and relax. There is a reason to go outside again, to look at the transformation of once dark uninspiring sights to newly formed natural works of art. It’s far more joyful to leave A to travel to B, as long as you’re not a humbug, now, to hear the crunch beneath your feet or to hurl a snowball at one another. Be careful that it’s a pure snowball, without slate, stone or anything else contained within, that you throw – the outcome can be bleak.

Where snow fall is common place, winter is always like this. It’s just a case of waiting for it and having a warm coat beside you.



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