Posted by: TheAuthor | 17/11/2010

The Photo

Taken in a wadi close to the road called the 611. I was section commander, having stepped up the day before because the previous one was casevac’d. We were near a town called Katowzay on Operation Ghatse Gar, it was around the 2nd day of the Op…. maybe the 3rd.
We had been fighting since the start of the Op, 24 hours earlier, after living in trenches bordering the green zone for a few weeks.

After having a ‘unofficial’ truce between 11am-12/1pm my platoon stepped off heading on the right of the Company, Company Tac (the command group) was 30m to our left in a wadi and started to move as my section began to move. I looked over to see the Tac move off and as I did that my Plt were ambushed, in the crossfire an RPG detonated at the foot of the lead guy in the Tac and he toppled over back into the wadi – as I was looking over at him. I grabbed 2 riflemen in my section and the shaken medic, gave thumbs up to my Platoon Sergeant, and lead them across open ground to the wadi to aid in the casualties. From there me and the guys helped to get the wounded onto a stretcher, and carrying him 3km in a sporadic running battle to the 611 so he could be casevac’d. Afterwards, I regrouped with my section and platoon in the wadi by the 611 and the picture was taken.



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