Posted by: TheAuthor | 10/11/2010

Future Knowledge

I have been pondering on this for a few days now, as I figure you will have done at some point in the past. The future… is it worth having foresight or is hindsight enough?

Interestingly there is a link between the two, hindsight bias. Hindsight bias is “the inclination to see events that have occurred as being more predictable than they were before they took place. Hindsight bias has been demonstrated experimentally in a variety of settings, including politics, games and medicine”. What this means is, that we may look to our past in hindsight and attempt to predict/forecast the future. If those events occur as we wish them to, then we can believe that we have foresight. I would bet that Nostradamus believed he had foresight.

But would it be worth it, would life be worth living through, if we knew all the answers to our life’s questions?

  • “When will I get my first house?”
  • “When will I see my friends and family again?”
  • “Should I join the Army?”
  • “What will I be doing in 10 years?”

If we knew, then would our actions create the foretold destiny or tear us further away? Would it be a joy to know, that in 6 years time you owned a home in a quaint village, had a dog, a family and a health problem? Hopefully not the health problem, but you know where I am going. Much like the life of Patrick Swayze, having the knowledge that within the next 2 years you will cease to be is pretty depressing.

I for one, like the fact I do not know what is ahead of me. My destiny. It makes every morning exciting, the unknown. How fun it would be, however, to know when my first family holiday to mars will be.


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