Posted by: TheAuthor | 07/11/2010

“Blame Canada”

For what? The country is incredible (and I am truly sincere about that) which means it certainly doesn’t deserve this unfortunate song from Southpark, however amusing it is.

Or does it? Lets have a think. If you’re a coffee lover then you’re in luck, for Vancouver boasts a Starbucks on almost every street – failing that then another competing coffee shop. Its streets are wide and the cars are few, making it a superb city to visit. What makes it more incredible is its location within British Columbia. To the north lies Whistler, a couple of hours drive, but closer to home lies Grouse mountain and its sisters. Grouse looms over the city, enticing residents to hike up it and enjoy the views, bears and lumberjacks (in the winter even Ski or Snowboard). There is Stanley park, a vast woodland within which your able to cycle or walk around. To see the ever-changing scenery of Vancouver, and if your lucky even some raccoons.

Ok, so you have your coffee or in my case a hot chocolate. How about travelling across the country, to Quebec City perhaps? Well for a small fee of $650 you can fly, great you may think. Until you consider that, a flight from Calgary to Manchester, England, is as little as $249 return. A cheap holiday back to England perhaps?! It seems its extremely expensive to travel around the country, unless you have your own car. Petrol is still cheap here compared to Europe, 99 cents a litre! Shame the cars are “Gas guzzlers”.

Now that we are driving in our “Gas guzzling” wagon, drinking our rapidly depleting coffee from a recycled paper cup and enjoying the ride. What should happen but our mobile phone rings, should we answer? Legally we all should know, however most of us chose to look the other way. There are worse laws to break, right? Well think of this if you chose to answer, you will pay. It costs the receiver to answer calls to their own phone. What logic suggests this is a good idea, apart from the providers being overly greedy? England has is right (much like the health care, 2-0 England over the US) in that should someone want the pleasure of your vocal company, they pay for it not you. Do I want to talk to an unknown number? Err, perhaps I’ll let this one slip by.

Bears, Elk, Deer, Magpies we must be in Banff national park! Boasting 3 Starbucks. What a joy to behold, living in the rocky mountains and only a few days of rain. An awe-inspiring place, with countless activities and excursions to keep you occupied year round. Only a $15 bus trip to the mountains as well. This would be good, if it wasn’t for the fact there are 3 stops in the town. For the entire population to get anywhere it will be carnage, most don’t have their own transport. Winter season will be unhappy for most. Tourists and locals alike will be disgruntled at the expense of getting to the mountain, let alone the sheer lack of available transport that will be permanently packed out.

At least we have the view and our coffee to keep us happy, right?



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