Posted by: TheAuthor | 06/11/2010

It starts.

As I sit here among the rocky mountains, I have been thinking about what I enjoy doing and could develop into something more… “Football?”… “Snowboarding?”… “You love the Army, you never stop talking about it!” I hear from across the room. But then I remember back to school, to Morag, to English Literature and my first memories of writing. I enjoyed it thoroughly and have written things down at different stages of my growth to manhood, but never seriously.

Writing is a way I have always been able to express myself, to unleash my mind into words – however erratic they may be! As art never embraced me as a talented pupil, literature did. So, as I sit here in the rocky mountains it struck home to me that I love to write. Where better to write than on here, a place to cast my thoughts and memories. Perhaps even to entertain those who read these posts. I therefore endeavor, to recount excerpts from my life to date, for the interest of others and to encourage my passion for writing further.


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